Blocks Play House - from Poopycat

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Brand Poopycat

Design your own unique cat house, simply by clicking the elements together. It is super easy and fun! Play together with your cat during the day, and let them sleep warm and safely during the night.

Cats play a lot. This is not only good fun, but also imperative for their development. BLOCKS stimulates mental and physical exercise in a natural way for cats of all ages. Especially in the case of indoor cats BLOCKS help against boredom and obesity.
Playing in the BLOCKS also prevents unwanted behavior such as destructing objects (often the couch) or nighttime action games. But most importantly, playing together with your cat will strengthen your "family" ties. So enter the game and bond with your cat, feel the love.

Remember when you were young, playing for hours with block? With some imagination and some creativity, anything was possible. Now, you can let your creative juices flow once again an design a fortress for your furry friend. BLOCKS play houses take playing with your cat to a whole new level.
BLOCKS is suitable for all cats and houses. You can build into all directions making it feasible to create anything in any room, from recreating the Louvre or minimizing valuable ground space by going vertical. We will provide some basic creations and we will stimulate sharing of great designs. Let your creativity be your guide and your cat the judge in this epic building adventure (our office cats are always judging anyway). Bored? Just unlock BLOCKS and start again! Oh yeah, our biodegradable white coating is suitable for painting, go crazy!
The basic package includes 7 components and a lot of connectors, plenty for endless architectural creations.

The elements are easily folded and once clicked solid as "The Rock". This has been tested extensively with various breeds, sizes and tempers.
With our connectors you can attach the elements to each other. Due to modular connection slots on all sides you can secure BLOCKS on every half length.
  • Average BLOCKS size: 50 x 25 x 25 cm
  •  A healthy & exciting toy for you and your cat
  •  Endless custom options, fits in every home
  •  Over 5.000 cats are enjoying BLOCKS now
  •  Made from strong recycled cardboard
The basic package includes the following elements:
2x Beam
 2x Cube
 1x Tunnel
 1x Slide
 1x Bridge
 48x Outside connectors
 24x Inside connectors
Play house (Cube)
 Length: 50 cm
 Width:  25 cm
 Height: 25 cm
 Entrance Ø: 22 cm
 Length: 80 cm
 Width: 5 cm
 Height: 60 cm
 Weight: 2.8 kg