** Sampler** Biodegradable Cat Litter Box - Sampler Pack - 1 litter box only

$19.50 $16.50

Brand Poopycat

** Note that this is a Sampler pack only , it only contains 1 Litter box, not 4 like usual in the monthly pack **

The Poopy Cat Litterbox is a complete replacement for your traditional litter box. Make your life easier by never having to worry about running low on litter, or having to clean the litter box. Changing this box weekly will ensure great hygiene for your cat and yourself.


• Ready to use in just a few seconds
• Unfolding is so easy, even your cat could (almost) do it
• Dispose your litter without getting your hands dirty


• Complete litter box alternative with litter
• Strong construction to withstand force of even the most aggressive cats
• High performance product, despite the use of recycled materials


• Most cats don't even need an introduction
• All you need to do is replace your litter box with a new one
• Extensive testing has shown that cats easily adapt

If you would like to have these delivered on a monthly basis (or a schedule you dictate), then feel free order them here,or visit and place your order there, set and forget.  You will never be caught short again.  $49.95 per month on a subscription service.