Overall quantity of Collections and Products

#products in site: 205 {if this number is different, remember to manually load gift cards}
#collections in site: 39

Individual Collection product counts

Accessories accessories 12
Best Sellers best-sellers 12
Big Dogs big-dogs 11
Bowls bowls 4
Cat Accessories cats-accessories 6
Cat Beds cats-beds-blankets 6
Cat Bowls cats-bowls 1
Cat Collars & Leads cat-collars-leads 3
Cat Collars, Leads & Tags cats-collars-leads-tags 17
Cat Furniture cats-furniture 14
Cat Gifts and Cards cat-gifts-and-cards 4
Cat ID Tags cat-id-tags 19
Cat Litter Boxes cats-toilets 2
Cat Toys cats-toys 3
Cats cats 17
Clothes clothes 18
Collars and Leads collars 21
Dog Accessories big-dog-accessories 22
Dog Beds & Blankets dog-beds-blankets 3
Dog Bowls dog-bowls 4
Dog Coats coats-jumpers 13
Dog Collars & Leads collars-leads-tags 50
Dog Collars, Leads & Tags dog-collars-leads-tags 43
Dog Dresses dresses 4
Dog Furniture dogs-furniture 3
Dog Gifts & Cards gifts-cards 9
Dog Harnesses dog-harnesses 14
Dog ID Tags dog-id-tags 20
Dog Toilets toilets 1
Dog Tops & Pyjamas tees-tank-tops 21
Dog Toys toys 7
Dogs dogs 12
Matched Collar and Lead Sets matched-collar-and-lead-sets 21
Newsletter February 2016 newsletter-february-2016 67
On Sale new-arrivals-on-sale 14
Power Paws power-paws 8
Puppy Collars and Harnesses puppy-collars-and-harnesses 34
Scratching Posts scratching-posts 7
Winter Collection frontpage 14

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Big Dogs collection /collections/big-dogs
Accessories collection /collections/big-dog-accessories
Gifts & Cards collection /collections/gifts-cards

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Dog Collars, Leads & Tags dog-collars-leads-tags
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ID Tags collection /collections/dog-id-tags
Collars & Leads collection /collections/collars-leads-tags
Matched Sets collection /collections/matched-collar-and-lead-sets
Harnesses collection /collections/dog-harnesses
Puppy Collars collection /collections/puppy-collars-and-harnesses

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Cats cats
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Cat Collars, Leads & Tags collection /collections/cats-collars-leads-tags
Cat Furniture collection /collections/cats-furniture
Accessories collection /collections/cats-accessories
Gifts & Cards collection /collections/cat-gifts-and-cards

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Cat Collars, Leads & Tags cat-collars-leads-tags
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Collars collection /collections/cat-collars-leads
ID Tags collection /collections/cat-id-tags

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Cat Furniture cat-furniture
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Beds collection /collections/cats-beds-blankets
Scratching Posts collection /collections/scratching-posts
Litter Boxes collection /collections/cats-toilets

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Cat Gifts & Cards cat-gifts-cards
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Clothes clothes
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Tops & Pyjamas collection /collections/tees-tank-tops

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Dog Tops & Pyjamas collection /collections/tees-tank-tops
Dog Bowls collection /collections/dog-bowls
Dog Collars & Leads collection /collections/collars-leads-tags
Dog ID tags collection /collections/dog-id-tags
Dog Harnesses collection /collections/dog-harnesses
Dog Beds & Blankets collection /collections/dog-beds-blankets
Dog Toilets collection /collections/toilets
Big Dogs collection /collections/big-dogs
Dog Accessories collection /collections/big-dog-accessories
Dog Gifts & Cards collection /collections/gifts-cards
Cat Toys collection /collections/cats-toys
Cat Bowls collection /collections/cats-bowls
Cat Collars & Leads collection /collections/cat-collars-leads
Cat ID Tags collection /collections/cat-id-tags
Cat Beds collection /collections/cats-beds-blankets
Cat Houses collection /collections/cat-houses
Cat Scratching Posts collection /collections/scratching-posts
Cat Toilets collection /collections/cats-toilets
Cat Accessories collection /collections/cats-accessories
Cat Gifts & Cards collection /collections/cat-gifts-and-cards


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